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The crew Treasurer:

  1. Serves as the financial officer and, in that position, maintains financial records and monitors the crew budget
  2. Collects and disburses crew funds
  3. Communicates with the officers and members on a regular basis to keep them informed about the crew's finances
  4. Approaches Venturing in a spirit of fun, and spreads this spirit in carrying out the treasurer's responsibilities

As crew treasurer, you are responsible for keeping accurate records of the income and expenditures of your crew's funds.  Your crew expects an exact accounting of all the money taken in or paid out.

You collect, deposit, and account for all money coming to the crew from dues, money-earning projects, or other sources.  If your crew collects dues, you keep accurate records and review them with the other officers at officers' meetings.  You make regular reports at crew meetings and officers' meetings of the status of your crew's budget and treasury.

Use the Venturing Treasurer's Records to help you set up a budget by estimating income and expenses based on the crew's activity calendar.  Review this budget with crew officers, your Advisor, and the chair for each activity.

You see to it that all expenditures are approved by crew officers and the Advisor before writing any checks.  Crew members should approve large amounts.  An auditor from the parents' committee may be assigned to assist you in setting up bookkeeping procedures, bank accounts, and money-handling methods.

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