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The crew Secretary:

  1. Serves as the communications officer and, in that position, manages all communications and publicity for the crew
  2. Maintains crew membership and attendance records
  3. Handles crew correspondence and minutes
  4. Coordinates crew publicity through local media, crew newsletters, and the crew's telephone network
  5. Approaches Venturing in a spirit of fun, and seeks to reflect this spirit in the publicity and communications of the crew

Effective communication is a key ingredient in any organization.  As the crew secretary, you are primarily responsible for the communication that needs to  be put into writing correspondence, records, and minutes showing decisions, plans, and publicity.  It is up to you to ensure that everyone has the right information.

You keep minutes of officers meetings and crew meetings, which include group decisions and actions taken by officer.  You record the names of those assigned to carry out activities including all dates, times, locations, and important details.

You remind the president and the other officers of agreed-upon decisions that affect them.  Most people appreciate a friendly reminder.

You keep membership records for your crew using the Venturing Secretary's Records, which will help you keep accurate registration and attendance information.  You supervise all the crew's correspondence, calling the officers' attention to important items and writing letters on behalf of the crew.

You help the program vice president publish a schedule or newsletter for crew members and keep them informed about meeting plans, activities, and last-minute changes.  You should organize a telephone network among crew members.  You handle all publicity through school or community newspapers, newsletters, radio, television, speakers, bulletin boards, and other media.

Effective communication is an important leadership skill.  You have the challenge and the opportunity to use this skill for your crew.  An adult member of the parents' committee may be assigned to assist you.  If you become overwhelmed by the publicity and communications needs of your crew, don't hesitate to enlist the help of other crew members.  Sharing your responsibility with others is a part of Venturing.  It's a quality of good leadership.

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