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Program Vice President

The Program Vice President:

  1. Serves as the program officer of the crew and, in that position, arranges the program planning process for the crew
  2. Collects and maintains a crew activity file consisting of the program capability inventory, a list of crew member interests and suggestions for activities, program resources, and an annual activity schedule
  3. Determines the interests of the crew members on an ongoing basis (using Venturing activity interest surveys)
  4. Provides support for the chair and committee for each activity
  5. Maintains an up-to-date calendar of crew meetings and activities
  6. Approaches and encourages others to approach Venturing activities in a spirit of fun and enjoyment

Much of a crew's success depends on the program of activities, and managing the development of a good program is the core of your responsibility.  Venturing is based on planning a program that meets the needs and interests of crew members.  This is done by asking crew members what they want to see their crew do, and being sure that meetings and activities are adequately evaluated after they take place.

It is your responsibility to maintain an activity file of programs, projects, and trips in which the crew could participate.  Base this file of ideas for activities on responses you've collected from the PCI, from Venturing activity interest surveys, and from the activity planners completed by activity chairs.  Keep your ears open for ideas from unexpected sources, and ask other crews what they are doing.

You are also responsible for keeping an up-to-date crew schedule and being sure that all the members in your crew know what is happening.  You maintain the crew's calendar and should coordinate it with school and community calendars to avoid scheduling conflicts.  It might be useful to publish a calendar or newsletter on a regular basis to keep crew members informed.

You help the crew's activity chairs plan and conduct successful activities by sharing ideas from the activity file, discussing possible activities, and coordination their dates with the crew calendar.

One of the crew's adult associate Advisors is recruited to help you with program responsibilities.  Meet as often as possible to share ideas, improve the activity file, support activity chairs, and review the interests of members.

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