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The crew president leads the crew.  Specifically, she:

  1. Serves as youth leader of the crew
  2. Implements the crew program in cooperation with officers and members
  3. Works closely with Advisors and other adult leaders in a spirit of partnership
  4. Represents the crew at Teen Leaders' Council (TLC) meetings and council TLC program planning conference and is available to report to the chartered organization and parents' committee
  5. Assists the crew Advisor in conducting the crew officers' seminar
  6. Appoints youth chairs for special projects and appoints special crew officers
  7. Presents the annual report to the chartered organization at the conclusion of the term of office
  8. Assesses on an ongoing basis whether the responsibilities of the officers are being considered and carried out effectively
  9. Approaches Venturing and encourages others to approach Venturing in a spirit of fun and enjoyment

As the president, you are the primary leader of your crew.  You were selected by crew members as the best person to lead and represent them.  Being president carries honor and privilege, but it also requires hard work, responsibility, and dedication.

You share the responsibilities of leading your crew with the other elected officers, working together to develop a leadership team.  When you delegate specific responsibilities to other officers and members, it is your responsibility, with the support of your Advisor, to encourage and follow up to be sure that their jobs have been carried out.  You provide leadership at all crew meetings and activities, and you conduct monthly officers' meetings in consultation with your Advisors.  Communication with your Advisors, officers, and crew members is essential.

You also represent your crew's members to the chartered organization and to the BSA council, through its Teen Leaders' Council.  The TLC is an association of the crew officers in the area.  You should know your own members' needs and desires so that you can adequately represent your crew at the council TLC meetings.

You set an example for members by following the rules and standards of the crew.  You may counsel individual crew members who have problems, questions, or concerns.  Listen to what they say, and help them find answers that are best for the crew.

With your Advisor, direct the planning of your crew program, and use the Venturing Leader Manual to plan meetings and activities.  The crew president appoints crew members to serve as activity chairs.  With your Advisor's help, select members who are suited to the activity and need leadership experience.  Coaching and follow-up are necessary to be sure they understand what to do.

Don't hesitate to ask your Advisor for advice and help.  That is the Advisor's responsibility to be your counselor and coach.  It is likely that neither of you knows everything about Venturing, but together you can learn how to make your crew succeed.  It is important that you work through, not around, your Advisor, who is held responsible by the crew's chartered organization and Venturing for the programs and actions of your crew.

Your duty as crew president is exciting, important, and challenging.  You are one person who can really make the difference in how successful your crew is.  Read the Venturing Leader Manual carefully and attend BSA council Venturing meetings and conferences to learn from other crew presidents.

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