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Geography is No Barrier

Our clients can be found across the United States.  We welcome local clients and are delighted to meet with them face to face either in our office or at their homes.  But we find that we can provide excellent service to even the most remotely located clients.  In fact, the overwhelming majority of our clients are located in states other than Michigan.

The key, of course, is communication.  We are comfortable communicating with you in many fashions:

bulletE-Mail.  We find E-Mail to be one of the most convenient means of interaction with our clients.
bulletTelephone.  We have a toll-free phone number so there is no cost to you.  If we aren't available, we have an excellent answering machine to record your message.
bulletUS Postal Service.  If you aren't comfortable with other means of communication, we utilize the US Postal Service.  We have a post office box to ensure security of items you send us.

The bottom line is that you want the best financial advisor available, not merely the best one near you.  We strongly believe that a lack of geographic proximity hasn't prevented us from providing our distant clients with outstanding service.


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